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The Evergreen Difference

At Evergreen we want you to know that there is a difference in the homebuilders of today. Many of today’s new homebuilders are only interested in the bottom line.  We are not only interested in the bottom line, but also in building a quality product that we can be proud of.  We accomplish this by doing several things differently than other builders.

Please keep the following in mind when choosing your new home builder.

1. An owner of our Company will be onsite many times during your project.  When you choose Evergreen to build your home you need to understand that the owners take a proactive role in making sure your home is being built to your specifications and correctly on a daily basis.

2. We are professional home builders that take pride in our homes.  All of our project managers have 15 or more years of experience in the custom home building field and most of them were licensed builders at one time or another. With the help of our on-staff designer we can answer most of your design questions and help with the allowance selection process if needed. We communicate with our clients on a weekly basis to keep them abreast of where we stand with their home. We consider this a partnership and feel it is important for you to know exactly what is going on with your home.

3. We build homes for the low maintenance lifestyle. This is why most of our homes use 40 year architectural shingles, true 1/2″ fiber cement siding (Hardi and Nichiha), Jeld-wen aluminum clad low “E” windows and doors, Natural stone exterior siding and flooring, IPE’ or “Trex” decking, and Duration exterior paints with a lifetime warranty. We want our clients to not worry about maintenance as much as worry about which friends to invite over this evening.

4. We only build a limited number of homes each year. This helps us keep track of everything and makes sure we are giving each home the utmost attention. It is for that reason that we have an approximate 3:1 ratio of project managers/coordinators to houses. This means each project manager/coordinator is only responsible for 3 houses a year.