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Here at Evergreen we also offer a fully array of renovation and restoration services. No job is too small or too large. That is the benefit of having a truly great team like we have at Evergreen. Please give us a call and we will come take a look at your potential project. From the Augusta rd. area in Greenville to the Mountains of NC, Evergreen can help with your upcoming home improvement project.

Our home was in desperate need of renovations and repair and we contacted several contractors for quotes. Thankfully, we chose Evergreen Custom Construction. Doug Oles came to our home and went through the proposal with us personally so that we all understood the scope of work. His attention to detail and his talented eye for design kept the project on time and running smoothly with no mistakes. He personally supervised his very competent and courteous workers daily to insure that the integrity of the renovations would not be compromised. Evergreen Custom Construction is a very professional company with the highest standards we have seen. We have had all of our homes renovated in each city we have lived in over the past 22 years and we have never been quite so impressed with a contractor and his firm as we have been with Evergreen Custom Construction and Doug Oles. He is a man of his word with virtues and takes pride in his work -these days that is hard to find. He is more than just a contractor to us he became a friend. We highly recommend Evergreen  to anyone looking to have a home built or remodeled if you want it completed in a timely manner and most of all done the proper way.

The Bruce Family - 216 Melville Avenue